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MARCH 25, 2021


Two hikers in front of the Kaiser

Yesterday, the weather finally cleared up again. My friend Tim and I immediately seized the opportunity and we went for a hike. We picked the Heuberg, a rather small local summit with a really good view. In the summer, it is very family friendly. Right now, with still half a meter of snow, you don't meet too many people, especially when you have passed the pubs half way. Best of all, from that point onward, you have a lovely sight of the Kaiser mountains, one of the most distinctively beautiful formations in the Alps. Kaiser translates to "Emperor" -  and it sits enthroned just like one, overviewing the smaller peaks and us little humans as well.


The Kaiser himself

I love mountain and adventure photography. I'm starting to incorporate the human element more and more; and as always, it makes the images better. Pictures of people in colourful jackets standing amidst a panoramic landscape is not what I mean, that's more of a pet peeve of mine. What I mean is portraying the hike, maybe the struggle, or the pure relief to be on that mountain. As much as I love it, for me it's the hardest kind of photography. Dragging my big camera up that mountain, fogging up my glasses and my viewfinder, sometimes then blindly shooting images in hope my instinct gets the focus right - it's not a cakewalk. I still love it; and if I bring a good image home, I'm even more proud of it.


The last glance before descent

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