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Life is simple when you look through a viewfinder. You follow the light and the lines, and you have three variables to set – sometimes less. This reduction helps me see clearly.  And when I do see a good photo, I move into a state of flow. There is no thinking, it’s pure and simple intuition, learned over many years. I love that feeling, and it’s one of the few instances of true calm in my life. It creates an almost floating immediacy – and that’s exactly the feeling that I want to communicate with my photos.

I enjoy variety in life, and my photos go through the same changes I do. I’m a genre hopper, and I’m very happy to be one. Just like in music, food, and anywhere else, influences from across arbitrary borders are the most interesting. This website is a place to collect all these random bits and form a coherent whole – until I’ve found a style, a language that all my photos carry. That will take a while, and I’ll tell the story of the journey right here.

Photography is only one of the things that I do. I'm really excited about conservation science, specialty coffee, basketball, underground hip-hop, Star Wars, running, bluegrass, Calvin and Hobbes, natural wine, and countless other things of which I've barely scratched the surface. None of this is particularly special for someone of my social background - and that makes it easy to make friends. So if you share any of my interests or you want to show me what you're excited about, reach out. I'll love to hear from you.

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