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OCTOBER 30, 2021


In a sense, we’re all floating to nowhere. At some point, we’ll be gone, and the path there is riddled with uncertainty. We feel lost in this uncertainty, so we make plans, we rationalize, we try to control. It never works. No life plan I’ve ever made has worked out the way I thought it would. We might just be better off embracing this lost feeling and getting used to not seeing the horizon. I struggle with that, but in the rare cases I manage, it’s levitating. It’s liberating. It’s floating to nowhere, but not without purpose.

Precisely because of that uncertainty, we must try and do our best in the now. If we do that, we might just open up a path to a different horizon. For example, I’ve put in a lot of work into this space right here in the last year. Selecting my portfolio and writing blogposts has helped me tremendously in finding a more coherent style. All the more sad I was when the subscription for the website was about to renew and I found out that prices had increased dramatically. After debating it for a long time, I decided to give up the website. It just didn’t make economic sense.

Within minutes of me announcing that on Instagram, a photographer from California reached out to me. We had texted before, but we have never met. After a quick chat, he offered to sponsor my website for a second year. The surprise swept me off my feet. I had never experienced that level of kindness from a stranger. He said people helped him out when he started out, and this was his way of giving back. Well, he can be damn sure I’ll do the same. I had a hard time accepting his generosity, but in the end, it was a perfect opportunity to continue making what I love.

So, here we are. This site is back for another year. I’m thrown off my path, and beautifully so. I cannot possibly tell you where we’re going, but I for one am going to enjoy getting lost with you. Let’s float to nowhere together.

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