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NOVEMBER 3, 2023


One Sunday a year ago, I went to a place called Collioure with Juju. It's a lovely town, with beaches, old houses, good food, and a cute little market. I brought my camera and took some good pictures of the city, but I could not for the love of God take a good picture of Juju. Whenever I looked at the images, I was a little annoyed. She belonged there, and her absence was glaring. So I didn't post the images, and I waited. Last month, we went back to Collioure, this time for a few days. It was as lovely as I had remembered it. And funnily enough, this time around, the pictures I took of the city sucked - but I got some good ones of Juju. So this is not really a blogpost, it's more of a note to myself: Patience pays off. That's the number one thing film has taught me, and the fact that this little collection of images is now complete is great proof of that. I hope you like it.

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