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FEBRUARY 22, 2021


Birthday champagne

It was my mum's birthday yesterday. Birthdays mean champagne, and we all like nature, so we had - you guessed it - champagne in nature. There is this lovely secluded path alongside the river, and right at the halfway mark it opens up to a bank where the river takes a turn. It is a lovely spot, perfect for birthday celebrations. We enjoyed the warm spring sun, flicked some stones, and I took some photographs. 


Along the river

This little walk has shown me once again how much I have changed in my choice of motives. Two years ago, I would have tried to capture the river and small details around it to an excruciating extent. I still take a couple of snaps now, but when I'm back at home editing, those are not the ones that I actually keep. I keep those with people I love in them. Those are the ones I go back to time and time again. All too often, we are tempted to simply document that we have been somewhere with someone; and while that is better than nothing, I think it ultimately does injustice to our memories. I want to remember the moments with my friends and family as beautiful as they were. These birthday pictures are going to make me happy for a long time.


Mum & Dad

A forest path

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